[volunteers] [svlug] Linux to Politics ratio

Paul Reiber reiber at gmail.com
Sat Dec 1 15:14:57 PST 2007

Good Morning, SVLUG!

I just love doing politics in my spare time.  It's so much more
productive than, say, actually helping out SVLUG.  But... that said...
Rick's been at it again, so I guess I'll reply.

On Dec 1, 2007 11:39 AM, Rick Moen <rick at linuxmafia.com> wrote:
> Quoting Kristian Erik Hermansen (kristian.hermansen at gmail.com):
> > I just wanted to respectfully ask that we try to keep the topic about
> > Linux on the mailing list.  Maybe we need to have a separate mailing
> > list called svlug-politics perhaps?  I just want to keep focusing on
> > my love of Linux, but this damn political junk keeps filling up my
> > inbox!
> There _is_ a separate mailing list called Volunteers.  Unfortunately,
> Paul Reiber told the members of that mailing list that we were not to
> discuss the organisation's plans there, and threatened me when I did so.

Kristian's more than a little aware we have a vounteers list (which, by the way,
I've moved this thread to).  But, you knew that, Rick, didn't you?
You knew he knew!

And even though he was asking for less politics on the list, you
posted more politics there anyway.  Its almost like you were just
reading his words, not listening to what they were saying, just
looking for the right place to start from for your own agenda.

That said - you seem to feel a need to drag me thru the dirt, which is
all well and good, but I don't plan to weather your attacks without

Rick, You decided to glom together all the various "plans" into one
big pile and asked me to comment.  Well... as i responded then...
sorry, go ask the various volunteers yourself if you want to learn
their status.   I'm not here to do that for you.

There's a huge difference between volunteers discussing THEIR project
plans on-list and volunteers discussing OTHER volunteers' projects
plans on-list.

For example, if you decide to publicly post, say, "Heather's taking
too long with her project" - I'll surely get in the loop - especially
to ask, "How much of your own time have you lent to her efforts

I told you MY responses to your cage-rattling "plan" post of some time
ago would be off-list - either via regular email or face-to-face,
because of how up-in-the-air certain things were/are.  You see, it's
NOT about each individual volunteer knowing everything that's going on
in SVLUG.  It's about each of them them planning and doing and sharing
their own projects with others.  I told you - don't ask me for
Heather's status report - ask her.  I'm not gonna play cat-herder for
you all.

Decide, Rick - either DO for SVLUG or DONT do... but don't PLAN for
other people, or even expect you're somehow going to be kept informed
as to what THEY are doing and planning, just because you're Rick.

Of course, if any volunteers were to approach you for assistance with
planning their projects, that I would embrace with open arms.  It's
your insistence that they share their plans with you that's not OK.  I
haven't said they have to... so why would you think that?

Regarding threatening you - cite proof please.  The closest thing to a
"threat" that I've been able to find is this message:

| Rick, what part of "not on the archived list" can't you parse?
| MY way... or not... your choice.
| -Paul

During this particular period, I was still trying to help you past
that particularly maddening tendency of yours to widen the audience -
sharing things that were shared with you, with others, without first
consulting the original author.  This particular message to you was
penned in that context.

> I believe his imperial directive was that we were allowed only to
> discuss things directly with other volunteers, in such a fashion that
> there would be no public record.

No... my oh-so-heavyhanded edicts to you all were to please not argue
and look like fools in front of the whole world,  to email off-list
and get on the same page about things, more or less, to DO things as a
coordinated group, and to appear and act somewhat professionally in
public.    Quite dictatorial of me, really...  ?!?!?

> He seemed particularly concerned that SVLUG's sponsors not see any such
> discussions.  It's possible that might have meant specifically Linode,
> whose sponsorship agreement he was and is deliberately failing to honour
> and is misrepresenting to the public (and our own membership) on our
> sponsor Web page.
> http://lists.svlug.org/archives/volunteers/2007q4/000453.html
> http://lists.svlug.org/archives/volunteers/2007q4/000460.html   < - read me again
> http://lists.svlug.org/archives/volunteers/2007q4/000462.html

Absolutely NO donations - from sponsors or others - to SVLUG come
with strings attached - I wouldn't allow SVLUG to be obligated in that way.

How many times do I have to repeat that?  SVLUG owes Google nothing
but a HUGE THANK YOU... same for Symantec... same for Via.net... same
for Robert Half... ...and same for Linode.    Happy to play with their stuff...
Not happy to be obligated by it.

Rick, thanks for saying this some time ago:
> The question frequently arises as to whether we should maybe either
> scrap the Linode virthost, or use it for nameservice only.  We could do
> that.  Ultimately, that decision is up to the Pres. and VP.

If someone donates a computer or other resource, with hopes it'll help us
with some particular project, great, but if that resource doesn't get used
for that project, SVLUG's done NOTHING wrong.

> As it happens, an employee of Linode volunteered to me they'd already
> noticed that we weren't honouring our end of the bargain, but, he
> commented, "Reiber's administration can't last forever".

What bargain???  I made no bargain with Linode!  Hell, they've not
even had the courtesy to introduce themselves to me!   ALL I ever said
was that I'd TRY to accomodate their VM-as-a-managed-service model
into what we're doing.

Regarding Linode's "sponsorship" of SVLUG:
-> they've only ponied up one VM... that's pretty limiting...
-> the initial VM they gave us had serious RAM deficiency and that
wasted our time

I'm unsure _how_ Linode should fit into our longer-term strategy...
but I've gotta tell you, I've been TOTALLY open to ANY volunteer who's
wanted to make it do something useful for us today,

>  I apologised on behalf of the group,

Really?  Wow...

I gotta say, it's disturbing to see SVLUG volunteers communicating
about SVLUG business with SVLUG sponsors without cc'ing or
coordinating with the SVLUG officers.

> and asked that they please not blame Lisa Coresetti
> and Micah Dowty, who'd negotiated the sponsorship,
> and did so in good faith.  He said they would not.

So... now SVLUG sponsors get to hold SVLUG accountable?  I keep
learning about new responsibilities and authorities within SVLUG that
I wasn't aware of; this one takes the cake, though...

Here's the scoop.  Lisa, and you, and others in SVLUG, have been 100%
FREE and ENCOURAGED to log onto the Linode host and make it DO stuff
for SVLUG.

I've never stopped anyone from using the Linode host for SVLUG!

You've all simply REFRAINED from doing anything.  That's REALLY REALLY
REALLY different than me stopping something from happening.

If you're so all-fired sure something needs to happen, either (1) do
it yourself, or (2) find someone else to do it.  I'm not your whipping
boy - quit aiming at me, because I've been busy doing REALLY great
things for SVLUG - just not the things YOU wanted me to do.


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