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Alvin Oga alvin at mail.Linux-Consulting.com
Thu Nov 29 08:38:55 PST 2007

hi ya paul

these "darlene" emails should be muzzled too, but since darlene is
unfairly being muzzled....  i'll add some gas to the fire
by pointing out some hypocratic non-sense

> Paul Reiber wrote:
> She should take it as a sincere compliment that I didn't just kick her
> from the list -

hocky puck ... 

no such thing as "complement" after you inappropriately "muzzle" people
or kick people around against their will

# remember ... you yourself ( paul ) yelled and screamed and cussed
# in front of a room full of svlugers ... what about .. i donno nor
# do i care ... but nobody reacted to it either... 

> the moderate bit was pretty much the kindest, gentlest thing I could
> do

nah ... ignoring it would have been better if you're intending to
show "you know what to do"

it's good that her posts about poll results did make it out

> Darlene's been an incredible asset to SVLUG over the years

and still is

and congrats too, for posting the original email about 
possibly moving the mailing list ... which was maybe premature
but too late now...

"deals" should NEVER EVER be done in private when svlug COMMUNITY 
is involved even if it with google or yahoo or tom-dick-n-harry

> volunteering in SVLUG is
> all about opportunity, community, harmony, and education.

maybe for you ??

since when did anybody voluteer for these reasons ???

education == maybe about how to ignore politics ??

the idea for me, is to keepp svlug technically oriented
and i could swear, its mailing bylaws at one time
stated keep politics and personal opinions or attacks
out of the list .. and has always been the case for 
any/all mailing lists

oh well ... time to go dig up the orig "svlug polcies" one day

> You all have the opportunity to do great things within SVLUG, if
> you're willing to be
> polite, helpful, and positive.

people did great things .. for 10 years...
and there was no pre-conditions or one person to judge
what "polite" or "helpful" or "positive' neant

in the last year, major volunteers and contributors have "quit"

think about it ... something is seriously wrong ..

and more importantly..
	- officers come and go ...
	- volunteeers come and go ...

	the svlug community will be around and can wait it out

do you ( current officers and volunteers ) want to be known
for the group that turned over svlug in worst shape 
( less harmony, more politics, less opportunity ) than when 
you inherited it

and what "administration"  ... unless one wants to be compared
to bush whom is also ignoring construction inputs from all of 
his advisors, constuents and co-leades

it seems to be operating more like a dictatorship .. one person
decides .. which is NOT the svlug way ... thats what the
volunteers was originally for, to get things done with consensus

c ya

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