[volunteers] [svlug] need help with mailman debugging analysis

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at cornell.edu
Sun Nov 25 21:50:24 PST 2007

Paul Reiber wrote:
> Gang -
> Rick noted problems with mailman recently, that I didn't see at first but
> now I'm likewise seeing.
> AFAIK no changes have recently been made to mailman or its config,
> so this is a bit perplexing.
> Here's what I've learned - Wherever I get 404's from lists.svlug.org
> I can get that mailman page to render correctly by replacing "org"
> with "net" in the URL - i.e. http://lists.svlug.net/lists/<whatever>
> AFAIK both of these domain names resolve to the exact same host...
> so it's odd that one would work while the other sometimes fails...
> I'm stumped - any ideas?

A vhost issue, perhaps?  It's a little odd - if you just go to the root 
of lists.svlug.net, you get the main svlug.org website.  If you go to 
lists.svlug.org, you get redirected to the mailman listinfo root at 
/lists/listinfo -- so clearly some rules are getting applied to one 
vhost that aren't getting applied to the other.  I'd start looking there...


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