[volunteers] december meeting agenda

Paul Reiber reiber at gmail.com
Sun Nov 25 12:44:10 PST 2007

I've heard wind of an attempt to cancel Strata Chalup's appearance in
December, in favor of a meeting for the purpose of telling me and Mark
whoever's-most-vocal's opinions on how they'd like us to run SVLUG.

I'm certainly not going to let that happen (or allow any radicals to
change SVLUG's meeting agendas) - and I hope I have all of your
support with this.  I'm really upset that this person has attempted to
place herself in a position of "officer monitor" and I'm not going to
accomodate her attempt to volunteer herself into a position of control
within SVLUG.

SVLUG elected Mark W. and myself to run the group going forward -
no-one else.  Anyone else's fingers in that pie are either (1) there
at our invitation or (2) not welcome.

AS AN ASIDE - I absolutely WELCOME - from EVERYONE - input as to what
we might adopt as bylaws and rules of operation going forward.  Give
me content - propose actual verbiage, though - I'm certainly not going
to put my own time into penning this, but I'll be happy to work with
what others bring to the table.

I'm exasperated that my tactics are being called "closed" and unilateral.

Here's "open" for you - Mark and I are saddled with the following
decisions we have to make, sometime soon:

- Should we have a Treasury, and add a Treasurer officer position?
- Should we plop down a few bills, retain a lawyer, and do the 501c3 thing?
- What accountability do we _want_ to place on ourselves regarding
donated hardware? regarding donated funds?
- Should we adopt bylaws? rules of operation?  Or, is a more organic
approach warranted?
- Should we avail ourselves of the very generous offers of some of our
larger sponsors?

PLEASE NOTE - these are decisions that MARK and I need to make - while
constructive input from the rest of the group is welcome, "that's just
plain stoopid" type comments are neither warranted nor welcome.  The
challenges for SVLUG are pretty obvious and evident, and I'm only
interested in solutions, not in talking about "making sure we don't
make the same mistakes someone else did" or stuff like that.

OK The wife and I are going out for a drive now.

P.S. she's starting to get miffed by how much of my time SVLUG's
taking - and trust me, we don't want
SVLUG's first lady getting miffed - there could be hell to pay...

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