[volunteers] Mailman Web pages (but not Mailman SMTP) has been screwed up

Paul Reiber reiber at gmail.com
Sat Nov 24 22:42:19 PST 2007

Rick, if you truly have much higher priorities, feel free to
re-examine your status as an SVLUG volunteer going foward.  We'd never
want anyone to over extend themselves just to help out.

I have had a half-dozen private emails that complained about you,
which is nothing compared to the dozens that I've gotten complaining
about another volunteer who I recently had to let go...  so you're not
in the dog house quite yet, and I sincerely hope you don't dig
yourself into that corner just because you're unhappy about how one
server failure was handled.

You said:
> [...] a mailing list I actually stopped reading when Paul
> prohibited discussion here of his secret plan,

I have no secret anythings, pal.  And I prohibit nothing, except from
those insisting the presidency should be run one way or another.  To
those people I say, "Live up to your own metrics before attempting to
apply them to others".  In other words - until you've BEEN a LUG
president, please don't pretend to know what it takes, and certainly
don't pretend to be in a position where you can tell others how to act
in that capacity.

Rick said:
> [Paul] blew away everything the Web Team had been working on for over a year,

Pardon me?  _NO_ web-team members have complained to me about
_anything_ and I've certainly not dissuaded _any_ of them from helping
SVLUG!!!  In fact, one of our most active web team members - Heather -
has never mentioned anything about this to me.  I've _deleted_
nothing, and _dissuaded_ no-one from contributing.

I welcome contributions and assistance by the volunteers - that's NEVER changed!

Rick said:
> [Paul] said any discussion had to be in private mail and confidential,
> and basically brought back the bad old days of secrecy and undocumented,
> abitrary rules.

Horse puckey.  I simply refused to communicate everything *I* was
doing publicly.

I'm certainly not here to do things however some self-appointed
committee decides I'll work.  If I wish to use regular old "private,
secretive" email instead of cc:ing the mailing list on everything I
write related to SVLUG, that's _MY_ decision to make, not anyone

I post more than enough publicly - any/all volunteer activities are
welcome to be entirely public - but _ONLY_ if the volunteer lead for
the project _WANTS_ it that way.  I'd never force that down anyone's
throat, and I'm sure SVLUG as a whole will refrain from forcing
volunteers to only communicate publicly in the future as well.

> My confidence in the Reiber administration having waned for those
> reasons, I shifted to primarily emphasising work for other groups -- and
> normally don't monitor this list.

Hey, Rick - my confidence in " the Moen volunteerism" within SVLUG has
likewise waned.

Your call - work-with or work-against?  let me know and I'll adjust as
needed.  Call me a moron a few more times, however, and I'm likely to
take offense.

> Everyone gets busy with real life, which is not a problem, but you and
> Mark are the only SVLUG folk on Via.net's roster to admit, so it would
> have sufficed to call me or Mark or Lisa or probably several other
> people:  (In the case of anyone but Mark, you'd also have to call
> Via.net and say "Please let this guy in, to see our server.)  You have
> all our cellular numbers.

Well, your assertion proves you didn't try to visit there yourself.
If you had, you'd have learned that I gave Mary a list of volunteers
for the "roster" many months ago, and that you're on that list.  And,
Via.net *knows* to contact me if _anyone_ goes there saying they're an
SVLUG volunteer.  That's important since there are some ex-volunteers
who might misrepresent themselves and attempt to gain access over
there, and I'd like to ensure that doesn't happen.

Jesus, man.. this is the sort of crap I hated to even have had to DO
in the first place with our sponsor (who could have imagined that
there would be people who wanted to go in and screw with our measly
little server!) and the fact that I even had to list for them who was
"OK" and who wasn't seems to me, in retrospect, to be more of an
indictment of the volunteer paradigm than anything else.

Rick, again - it's a LUG SERVER - not a business.  If YOU PERSONALLY
want to take on the responsibility of providing 24x7 systems
administration responsiveness, FEEL FREE - I'll be happy to avail
myself of the service level, and ensure you get mentioned on a monthly
basis as one of our ongoing, active, contributing volunteers.   Aside
from that, don't expect me to be your whipping boy.   I'm not part of
YOUR team - you're part of MINE.  Or not.  Your call.

> [...]  Practically the entire membership was in a total information void, knowing
> only that we'd dropped off without a trace, with no explanation.

Basically, your concern is unwarranted.  You'd be hard pressed to tell
me the membership was incapable of concluding that our website was
temporarily offline???  They weren't getting news from Google or USA
today or Slashdot- just from us?  ...and they were left wondering, had
the internet abandoned them?!?  Or, was it just SVLUG?

...and people wonder why I'm considering using Google for hosting
instead of counting on SVLUG's volunteer crew for their help.

[I said/ Rick said:]
> > I've stopped no-one from implementing ANYTHING.
> Oh really?  You cancelled the Linode migration

...no, Rick - you personally told me the Linode host didn't have
sufficient memory to handle our needs.  Did you forget that detail?
All that's followed regarding Linode has been based on that analysis -
from you - of the viability of their platform for our needs.

> and took the donated VA Linux box
[one of a few that was donated; nothing special]
> and -- without telling or consulting anyone -- put it in a
> member's house.  (It just suddenly vanished off ping, one day.)

...no, Rick - It's offline because it's being worked on by one of one
of my most trusted volunteers. More than a few people knew that was
happening; sorry that evidently you weren't on board with the plan;
doesn't change it, though.

> [...]  Remember all those SCSI hard drives I donated for the VA Linux model 2230
> + JBOD from my tested and known-good collection?

You can have them all back (and the JBOD itself too) - it sucks WAY
too much power for me to ask any SVLUG sponsor to pay to take it live.
 I can get a few terabytes of storage for cheap, and that'll use a lot
less power.

In summary, you're pissing around about a bunch of old, almost useless hardware.

> You soon thereafter claimed
> that several drives were "dead", and I kept politely asking to examine
> them, since my experience is that many people declare perfectly fine
> SCSI drives dead in error.

If I would have known that your contribution had any strings like
"You'll bring 'em back if I ask" I would have politely declined the

> [...] Since you've frozen out the entire rest of SVLUG's volunteer population,
> and basically alienated everyone else who used to help, I'll be waiting
> for you to leave office, at which time we'll attempt to reverse all the
> damage you've done.

Well, since there are dozens upon dozens of "Thanks for finally taking
SVLUG somewhere useful" type emails for every one of these "You're
f*cking up" emails, I'm not all that concerned with your contention of
"damage" to the group.

Your wait may well be more than just a year or so though - many
SVLUGgers seem pleased that I'm finally kicking some of the old goats
away from the gate, and implementing positive change - like the
Tuesday Kernel Walk-thru's for example.

> Now, if you'll excuse me, I have higher priorities.  Much.

Sorry, No excuses!   You've just spent WAY too much of my time -  now
I'll spend
at least a _little_ of yours.

Ponder this:  I want you to begin reconsidering your role within
SVLUG.  You really haven't been all that helpful lately - mailman
administration is all I've been able to count on... and that's
certainly not critical... maybe it's time for a break?

My priorities are:
1) ensure SVLUG's officer, volunteer, and member level goals are met
2) ensure SVLUG's problem volunteers don't cause too many problems

...so where do you stand with helping me with those priorities?
are you into helping me with (1) or helping me with (2)?   ...or?

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