[volunteers] (forw) website's down - fixes

reiber@gmail.com reiber at gmail.com
Tue Nov 20 18:35:35 PST 2007

Woah!  Reboot worked kiddies - no worries OK? 

- pls fix dns to be as it was originally

- pls coordinate with me before taking operational / tactical steps for svlug


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Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2007 18:05:30 
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hi ya paul/mark

offline ...

> Paul Reiber wrote:
>  > Paul, I've been unable to reach you today.  (Your telephone number gets
> > me only "The PCS telephone you dialed is temporarily out of service",

if its the 650906496 from the whois, its missing a digit

> ...email to paul at reiber.org,

lets see

> > I've taken live the
> > Web site replica that Lisa created on the Linode host, and re-pointed
> > the DNS entries at it.

a very very bad idea ... to have a working website and dead emails
especially since email is used more by the community than the website

besides, people can figure out if there's a problem if www.svlug.org is
dead ...

if www.svlug.org is alive, but email is not posted to the list and they
get their copy .. heads will start flying, trying to figure out who
or what "fucked up"

its gonna waste tons of hours of time with a 1/2 working system

> Unsure why you made this change... 

simple .. disrepect to ask for permission

i'll go fix it ... assuming i can get in ...or you want me in,
but if i do, rick is no longer gonna be dictating how the
machines will be fucked up ... time and again .. 

as long as its other peoples time and reputation of not being
able to keep a server up .. that'd be their own doing 
if they insist on home brew methodology

i note, that there has NOT been a 100% fuinctional backup
since it left my office and ALL attempts to fix the other
boxes have all resulted in nothing working ...

yeah, maybe dns is working to point to a backup www server
but that can be fixed in 5 seconds or 5minutes w/o any manual 

let me know if you want me to fix things ...
to replace the 6yr old box or however old that software is
	- i too, will have my way of doing things .. but 
	i have tons of machines i maintain with bandwidth to spare

	- i'm sure 99% of the other "helpers" will also have
	similar feedback and input, and requirements ..
	nobody wants to help and not see their help being 
	used for its intended purpose as opposed to being thrown out

- or i can wait till the next crew of pres/vp too .. to fix things
  including getting rid of the hijacker of svlug.org/net/com

offline ...

c ya

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