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Leslie Hawthorn lh at google.com
Wed Nov 14 13:15:35 PST 2007

Hi paul,

On Nov 14, 2007 10:02 AM, Paul Reiber <reiber at gmail.com> wrote:

> Leslie/Tiffany/Warren - thanks SO much for your help bringing
> the weekly kernel walk-thru sessions together for SVLUG and
> the community.  I'm super pleased with the traction, interest, and
> energy I'm seeing - we seem to have something here!
> Here are a few things that were mentioned to me that I'd like your input
> on.  We can work to accomodate the various ideas/requests in any
> number of ways, and I'm interested in getting a "Google perspective"
> before I try the various other avenues for solutions.
> -> Tables.
> I loved the round tables in the most recent venue.  This is much better
> for accommodating people with notebook computers.

If we get different tables, we have to pay to rent them.  Can you folks make
do with what is available?  I'd rather preserve our budget for other efforts
like Summer of Code.

> -> Power.
> We'll either have to wrangle up a bunch of power strips
> or ask people to bring an extention cord / power strip with them.

We can ask for power strips to be delivered to the room.  Tiffany, if you do
this then you will be an official receipient of my eternal gratitude(tm).

> -> Setup.
> Because of my day job and traffic I'm probably not going to be among
> the first arriving attendees.  PLEASE feel free to have Google people
> recruit SVLUG attendees for pre-meeting setup, cleanup, etc. - we're
> all in this together, and all ready to pitch in and help.  (and if
> anyone's
> not ready to help, I'm ready to twist their arm a little too! :-)

Um, honestly I think we don't need help with anything, but thank you for
letting us know.  Warren, feel free to impress our guests into servitude.

> -> Videos.
> Can I please get contact info for whoever's going to be our video
> editor/producer going forward?  People are asking about when they
> might be able to see this online, and the web team's just itching
> to link to the videos on svlug.org

So, I have to approve each video before it gets posted, but as soon as it
goes live I can send the link out to you.  What I do need to do, though,
each week is have you folks provide presentation information to the taping
staff so they can get the post production done faster.

Who would take the lead on having this information so we have one point of

> <http://svlug.org>
> -> Sound.
> The recordings caught the speaker well, since the AV guys were
> recording straight from his mic.  However, questions from the audience
> were undoubtedly lost since none of them were mic'd.  I'm not sure if this
> next item is an issue or not, but since someone mentioned it I'll add that
> if
> we do start to record the room itself, we might want to make sure there's
> not much background noise from vacuuming or noisy coffee machines
> or whatever.

We can ask for a mic for audience questions.  Tiffany, would you do the

> -> Hooking Linux boxes to the projectors
> There have been a few trip-ups as we've tried to hook various newer model
> notebooks up to the projectors.  Is there a Google HOWTO on the AV
> equipment?
> or, someone whose brain we could pick regarding what's going on with all
> that?

The folks who do videotaping should be able to help the speakers.  Some
laptops just don't work with our projectors.

>  - -
> OK so that was my "bullet list"...  I welcome your comments and input
> on things -
> How do YOU think it's going?  Anything we should be doing a little
> differently?
> We're flexible -  happy to tweak things as needed.

Paul, we love you guys.  Really.  But there's only so much more we can do to
optimize for you folks, so please bear that in mind when asking for stuff.
Every time we get a tech in to tape, or ask for extension cords or all that
goodness it means our team has to handle it and resources for us can be a
little tight.  (In other words, there are three of us working on all open
source events for the whole of Google, so yay to Warren for volunteering
and, um, please be gentle with us.  There's only so much bandwidth we have.)


> Thanks so much for any help you can provide with any of the above items!
> Best regards,
> -Paul

Leslie Hawthorn
Program Manager - Open Source
Google Inc.

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