[volunteers] Great initial meeting last night

Paul Reiber reiber at gmail.com
Wed Nov 7 12:12:43 PST 2007

Hi Leslie!

Last night went really well.  Attendance was through the roof - we had well
over 50 people there.  I was floored.  Thanks for your help - it looks like this
initiative will turn into something longer-term, real, and useful.
That's awesome.

Warren mentioned that we should try to ensure that we can get one of
the tech talk rooms for these events going forward, rather than the
original room you had scheduled.

By the way, Warren was instrumentally helpful last night, and led the group
through an introductory / directory-level overview of the kernel source.

I'm hopeful that at least some of the footage captured will be useful... and
I know we'll get better in that respect going forward as well; once we're
spelunking deep into the kernel, the content should prove more interesting.

At least a half-dozen participants personally thanked me for setting this up
and making it happen, so I want to pass that same thanks onto you and Warren
as well.  You guys rock!

SVLUG's monthly meeting is this evening... hope to see you there, or
at next Tuesday's
kernel walkthru...

Best regards,
-Paul Reiber

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