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Strata R Chalup strata at virtual.net
Tue Nov 6 20:19:26 PST 2007

Hi Aniruddha,

Presentation Title:    Best Practices for Helpdesk and Ticket Systems

Does your ticket system follow the 3 laws of entropy?  You can't win, you can't break even, and you can't get out of the game?  As the lolcats say, "Your doing it wrong".  A bit of restructuring your helpdesk and ticket process can support your need for staffing, reveal problem areas in your infrastructure or support process, and win you powerful allies in engineering and sales.

Closing tickets is only the tip of the iceberg.  A well-run helpdesk effort also includes good ticket granularity, priorities customized for your organization, maintainance and upgrade support in the queue, regular reporting, and providing proactive services.  Most of these Practices work well with virtual helpdesks as well, allowing them to be leveraged for Open Source projects as well as enterprise workgroups.

Strata R. Chalup started administering VAX Ultrix and Unisys Unix in 1983 in Boston, founded Virtual.Net in 1993, and spent the dot-com years building complex internet services for clients like iPlanet and Palm.  She is a well-known instructor at Usenix and LISA conferences, and joined Tom Limoncelli and Christina Hogan as a co-author for the 2nd edition of "The Practice of System and Network Administration", published August 2007.  


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