[volunteers] [svlug] OPEN INVITATION - weekly Linux Kernel walk-through sessions starting next week

Darlene Wallach freepalestin at dslextreme.com
Thu Oct 25 19:24:04 PDT 2007

Paul Reiber wrote:
> Google's preference would be for us to schedule the meeting on a Tues,
> Weds, or Fri. evening.  Regarding Weds evening - once a month that
> collides with our main meetings, so we can either (1) consider that a
> good thing, or (2) go for Tues. or Fri. to avoid the collision.
> I'm happy either way - with any of the three evenings, that is.
> If you have a strong preference for one or the other evening please
> speak now, because I'll have to decide on a day within a few days at
> most.  We'll have the first meeting next week - either on the Tues.
> (30th), Weds. (31st), or on Friday (2nd.) - and I'm drawing a line in
> the sand that I'll announce which of these it actually will be by the
> end of this week.

Friday evenings
I already have commitments every Tuesday evening
and most Wednesday evenings. The only evening
I'll be available to participate is Friday.

> Leslie's also asked about filming the event and uploading to YouTube -
> that's fine with me and I hope it's fine with all of you as well -
> that way, people all over the planet can benefit from the events.

I think filming is an excellent idea.

I don't agree with Srihari Raghavan in waiting to
film. We're not trying to produce a polished produced
movie. If we make mistakes - we will learn from them
as will those watching. I assume we'll put an email
address for people who watch youtube to which to write.
Might be appropriate to create a special svlug website
for this separate segment of svlug.


> What else... let's see... we'll need to make a few passes over an
> agenda for walk-through,
> determine which things should be addressed first vs. later, also we
> should determine the best online source/site for viewing
> annotated/colorized code (if at all possible)... we'll need to get
> that up onto a projector so everyone can see it...   Google's taking
> care of the
> video angle themselves, so we don't need to worry about that (except
> to spread around
> the right URLs once things are posted on YouTube)... anything else?
> How do people feel about the following aspects of this:
> - like the idea of reading a module first, then reviewing it with the group?
> - like the idea of take-home follow-up homework rather than
> pre-meeting-preparation?
> - or both? or neither?

Both - pre-meeting prep and follow-up homework to
prepare for the next meeting.

> - if we have enough people, splitting into separate focus groups?
> (would make taping a lot harder, but would accommodate more people and
> wider bandwidth of info flow)

Lets meet and see what makes sense. I assume we will
have different experience levels and capabilities.
That may impact how we group and/or split up.

> I welcome all of your involvement in this, I hope you decide to take
> advantage of this wonderful opportunity, and I'm proud to be part of
> the team making it happen!
> Hope to see you there!
> -Paul http://Reiber.org
> President, http://Svlug.org

I will very disappointed if the meetings are scheduled
on a night I am not available to participate!

Darlene Wallach

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