[volunteers] OPEN INVITATION - weekly Linux Kernel walk-through sessions starting next week

Paul Reiber reiber at gmail.com
Thu Oct 25 16:55:14 PDT 2007

All - Leslie and I have done a bit of off-list emailing, and we're
happy to be able to make the following announcement.

The awesome news is that Leslie's agreed to have Google provide us
with a weekly venue for this new initiative!!!  I'm quite excited
about this - I'm really looking forward to diving into kernel code
again, after way too many years.

I'll be happy to lead the walk-through sessions initially, with high
hopes that one or two others will someday take over the role of
leading the sessions.

Google's preference would be for us to schedule the meeting on a Tues,
Weds, or Fri. evening.  Regarding Weds evening - once a month that
collides with our main meetings, so we can either (1) consider that a
good thing, or (2) go for Tues. or Fri. to avoid the collision.

I'm happy either way - with any of the three evenings, that is.

If you have a strong preference for one or the other evening please
speak now, because I'll have to decide on a day within a few days at
most.  We'll have the first meeting next week - either on the Tues.
(30th), Weds. (31st), or on Friday (2nd.) - and I'm drawing a line in
the sand that I'll announce which of these it actually will be by the
end of this week.

Leslie's also asked about filming the event and uploading to YouTube -
that's fine with me and I hope it's fine with all of you as well -
that way, people all over the planet can benefit from the events.

If you're planning to attend please let me know by emailing
President at SVLUG.org with a message with the subject line
"WALKTHRU_HEADCOUNT_PLUS_ONE" so I can get a rough estimate of how
many people we'll need to accommodate.  And PLEASE don't send me more
than one email with that subject line. OK? please? so you don't get
double-counted? please? :-)

What else... let's see... we'll need to make a few passes over an
agenda for walk-through,
determine which things should be addressed first vs. later, also we
should determine the best online source/site for viewing
annotated/colorized code (if at all possible)... we'll need to get
that up onto a projector so everyone can see it...   Google's taking
care of the
video angle themselves, so we don't need to worry about that (except
to spread around
the right URLs once things are posted on YouTube)... anything else?

How do people feel about the following aspects of this:
- like the idea of reading a module first, then reviewing it with the group?
- like the idea of take-home follow-up homework rather than
- or both? or neither?
- if we have enough people, splitting into separate focus groups?
(would make taping a lot harder, but would accommodate more people and
wider bandwidth of info flow)

I welcome all of your involvement in this, I hope you decide to take
advantage of this wonderful opportunity, and I'm proud to be part of
the team making it happen!

Hope to see you there!
-Paul http://Reiber.org
President, http://Svlug.org

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