[volunteers] Migration plan has apparently been changed

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Mon Oct 22 20:06:46 PDT 2007

Quoting Paul Reiber (reiber at gmail.com):

> You did better by whose metric?

Obviously:  In going directly to you _in person_.  Which is what I did
-- after repeatedly asking _here_ to be told if we'd for some reason
changed our plans, and to my surprise finding out after the fact that
you've decided to ignore that rather simple and reasonable request.

> You've not emailed me privately...

Rather, we spoke directly face-to-face.  Isn't that even better?  I'm
sorry, but is there a problem?  If you'd meant to say "Oh, by the way,
this is secret, so don't talk about it to anyone", you might have had 
a complaint, but you didn't.

> Is that too much to ask? 

When we spoke face-to-face, you seemed to be saying that there is now some
sort of new plan, somehow involving virtual-machine technology.  So, I
followed up by asking here what that plan is.  Is there a reason why it
cannot be disclosed?  (It couldn't be _much_ of a secret, since you said
the above in front of about a dozen random installfest attendees.)

> When sponsors and individuals are involved mailing lists are seldom
> the right answer.

What sponsors and individuals might that be?  I didn't mention any whose
role hasn't already been discussed previously, right here, in great detail,

> Your email communicates a sense of confusion that's just not there and
> a sense of urgency that's likewise simply not there.

Actually, no.  What it does is point out that we thought we had a plan,
and you mentioned Saturday that we're going to do something different.
Cool, fine (except for the bit about ignoring queries on that very
point).  So, this is me now asking what that new thing is.

> I don't condone what you've just done in unnecessarily emailing the 
> volunteers based on your own lack of knowledge of the details of our 
> strategy.  

"Unnecessarily"?  Is SVLUG's server migration plan suddenly on a
need-to-know, hush-hush basis?  When did that happen?  When did you 
decide that the rest of us were to be kept in the dark, and to be
mislead into thinking the existing plan was still being worked on?

> Please accommodate my peculiarities and ask in private emails, and
> promise to keep what I write back in confidence and not share it
> without previous permission, and I might share my plans with you.   
> Alternatively, wait, along with everyone else, and you'll be
> pleasantly surprised with what gets rolled out.

Noted.   I'm perfectly fine with being cut out of the loop.  (Have plenty 
of other useful things to do with my spare time, like most members of this
mailing list.  Please note that I obviously cannot be responsible for
the outcome.  (If all the quite large amounts of work, and several spare 
hard drives and other parts, that I've already put into the prior plan
can be reused, that's great.  If not, oh well.  I tried.)

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