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On Tuesday 16 October 2007 10:54:55 Fox, Heather wrote:
> Mark et. al,
> I do have one additional question for you.  Do you have any sense as to the
> level of interest among your members in the Google Web Toolkit (GWT)?
> Pearson is producing a conference dedicated to GWT, taking place in San
> Francisco this coming December 3-6. It is branded the Voices That Matter:
> Google Web Toolkit conference, and is bringing together leading GWT
> developers, including its co-creators, Joel Webber and Bruce Johnson.
> Voices That Matter: Google Web Toolkit Conference:
> Overview: http://www.voicesthatmatter.com/gwt2007/index.html
> Please let me know the group's interest level and I'll tell you about some
> special User Group discounts. Many thx, HFox
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My general sense, after looking at the voicesthatmatter material, is that 
there will be considerable interest because...
* the people and enterprises putting on the conference have credibility and 
want to maintain and grow that credibility.
* developers of all stripes appreciate getting a "leg up" from a good 
* AJAX is part of GWT and AJAX "changes everything" by (usually) improving the 
UI and speeding responsiveness. It appears to be "the way to go" and sites 
without AJAX will need to be rewritten to incorporate AJAX as the site 
evolves and is refactored.

So, there should be a lot of demand for this sort of thing conference. OTOH, 
it costs money and apparently is of four days duration meaning the market is 
narrowed to professionals and semi-pros.

Mark Weisler 
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