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Heather Stern star at starshine.org
Sat Mar 31 21:26:37 PST 2007

On Thu, Mar 29, 2007 at 04:23:03PM -0700, Rick Moen wrote:
> policies.  Here is what I sent offlist to my friend Duncan MacKinnon, who 
> has stepped forward to "coordinate" Sbay's event, this year:
Rick, it's a shame you're raising a stink where none had to exist.

Last year near the end of the Picnic you gave every sign of (1) having had a
fun time and (2) being interested in seeing an end to fussing over things.

Shortly thereafter on the LinuxPicnic mailing list your own words -
which stung me severely as well I might add for the presumption of *MY*
malice towards community - showed a control-freak attitude that puts
the stuff you paint below to shade, and several good people stomped off
the list in disgust at having to watch you both play king-of-the-hill.
If you don't like a control-freak stance, stop taking one yourself.

For the record Ian remains an officer on Sbay's board, as "immediate past
president" - although this confers exactly the same size vote as any of the
other members on *my* board.  I'm president, over there.  Mostly being
president means being in charge of annoying paperwork.  None of it's any
terrible interest to you people. 

Duncan's in charge of the picnic bloody well means that Duncan's in charge
of the picnic.  He told me himself he wants to get into more social things,
more usergroup stuff, and have a lot of fun bringing a scattered Linux
community back together.  I told him myself there's not a lot of love lost
between some fragments of the community (and before we all start hearing
strains of Carly Simon's "You're So Vain" strumming gently in the
background, there's more of it than just you and Ian - scorch marks abound)
and he said, yeah I lived through Linuxcare labs and so on and so forth,
it'll be fun, I'll bring back the old days and there will be burgers and
frisbees and stuff, it's a *Picnic*.  He may be crazy, but that's the right 
attitude, and I think he'll do a good job.  Maybe even a great one.

I would thank all of you a great deal to encourage Duncan, to just be good
people having a good time.

As for the note below, if that's the way you feel about coming to a summer
party - well heck, I like you Rick, you're a really cheery guy when you're
being good.   But I'll be *GLAD* to have you *not* volunteer to make
fire and discontent for people who are otherwise there only to have fun.

Splitting the picnic in two - forking the project as it were - well it's a
big community.  There were hundreds of people at the last one.  I think it's
just playing more damn "own the picnic" games, but if you want to for
instance run BayLISA's nearly defunct picnic and get people to show, have a
great time.  Or it's a big summer, SVLUG can throw a picnic of its very own
on a different place and day.    But if you consider "I don't want to hurt
Sbay's picnic" and "let's run our own" turning out to be on the same weekend
to be a community *improving* project I'll have to scratch you off the list
of people allowed to know my birthday.  I'll move it to a super secret date
just for you.  *rolls eyes heavenwards*

Get a grip.  Cut tha ad hominem slippery slope crap.   Either show up at the
picnic, or don't.  But stop grinding your precious personal axe; the rest of
us are tired of hearing it.

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>   So, Duncan --
>   It's generous of you to take on that role, but you might want to be
>   aware that you've stepped into a problem area.  Essentially, as of last
>   year, Ian and Sbay.org took control of the picnic away from being a
>   collective effort among all the Bay Area Linux groups as peers, and
>   unilaterally declared themselves the picnic's governing organisation.
>   They did this in outright violation of their agreement with SVLUG to the
>   contrary, and against the trust of Drew Bertola in signing over the
>   linuxpicnic.org domain.  And they did this without consulting any of the
>   Bay Area's Linux groups, declaring the change unilaterally as a fait
>   accompli.
>   Ian says he will "defer decisions about organizing the picnic to Duncan"
>   (an odd phrase, given that he's allegedly no longer an Sbay officer or
>   director) -- but Sbay in fact asserts the right to override everyone
>   else, "hire and fire", etc.
>   In consequence, I cannot regard Sbay's event as the Bay Area Linux
>   picnic, any more.  It's now _Sbay's_ summer picnic _for_ Linux and open
>   source users.
>   I don't wish to hurt Sbay's event, and think it's very nice of a bunch
>   of amateur radio hobbyists -- which is what Sbay is --  to feed us Linux
>   users hamburgers, hot dogs, and sodas.  However, it's no longer my
>   event.  It's no longer the Linux community's event.  It's just Sbay's
>   event.
>   Accordingly, I'm not going to be volunteer labour for Sbay's picnic.
>   I _would_ be very interested in working with other Linux groups to put
>   together a collectively run picnic, restoring the original picnic to
>   its intended form of governance and organisation, elsewhere.  I think
>   summer 2008 would be an excellent first event date for the restored
>   picnic, and hope you'll be willing to assist, with that.
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