[volunteers] On hamburgers

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Thu Mar 29 15:23:03 PST 2007

Over on linuxpicnic at linuxpicnic.org, Ian Kluft is talking about plans
for the Sbay Summer Linux Picnic.  Ordinarily, I'd just quote from his
posting, but
requires getting "sender's permission before re-posting in public what
they said to you in private, or in a smaller or more restricted
distribution".  This is one of the many control-freak "Actionable Rules"
that results in "an action from the mail list administrators, ranging
from a warning to moderating a subscriber's messages, to expulsion from
the list".

To my knowledge, all of Sbay's mailing lists, unlike SVLUG's, have
strictly private mail archives, and membership rosters (again, unlike
SVLUG's) are open strictly to the listadmins, and never visible to the

Anyway, Kluft says that Sbay is talking about a "Steering Committee" to
handle finding volunteers for them at other groups and to set general
policies.  Here is what I sent offlist to my friend Duncan MacKinnon, who 
has stepped forward to "coordinate" Sbay's event, this year:

  So, Duncan --

  It's generous of you to take on that role, but you might want to be
  aware that you've stepped into a problem area.  Essentially, as of last
  year, Ian and Sbay.org took control of the picnic away from being a
  collective effort among all the Bay Area Linux groups as peers, and
  unilaterally declared themselves the picnic's governing organisation.
  They did this in outright violation of their agreement with SVLUG to the
  contrary, and against the trust of Drew Bertola in signing over the
  linuxpicnic.org domain.  And they did this without consulting any of the
  Bay Area's Linux groups, declaring the change unilaterally as a fait

  Ian says he will "defer decisions about organizing the picnic to Duncan"
  (an odd phrase, given that he's allegedly no longer an Sbay officer or
  director) -- but Sbay in fact asserts the right to override everyone
  else, "hire and fire", etc.

  In consequence, I cannot regard Sbay's event as the Bay Area Linux
  picnic, any more.  It's now _Sbay's_ summer picnic _for_ Linux and open
  source users.

  I don't wish to hurt Sbay's event, and think it's very nice of a bunch
  of amateur radio hobbyists -- which is what Sbay is --  to feed us Linux
  users hamburgers, hot dogs, and sodas.  However, it's no longer my
  event.  It's no longer the Linux community's event.  It's just Sbay's

  Accordingly, I'm not going to be volunteer labour for Sbay's picnic.

  I _would_ be very interested in working with other Linux groups to put
  together a collectively run picnic, restoring the original picnic to
  its intended form of governance and organisation, elsewhere.  I think
  summer 2008 would be an excellent first event date for the restored
  picnic, and hope you'll be willing to assist, with that.

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