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Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2007 16:57:52 -0700
From: 'Rick Moen' <rick at linuxmafia.com>
To: Brooks <bhm3 at cox.net>
Subject: Re: [volunteers] (forw) RE:  Question

Hi.  FYI, you dropped the volunteers at lists.svlug.org mailing list,
again, from your reply list.  FYI:  When I stressed that last time, I
was in part suggesting that you should not do that.  (Don't worry; I'm
not taking offence.  However, SVLUG conducts its affairs in public for
compelling reasons, and it's bad netiquette to simply drop off them into
private mail without citing reasons.)

Quoting Brooks (bhm3 at cox.net):

> I was not very internet savy 4 years ago when I first posted this.
> Plus the fact that most 'jobs' postings expire in a certain period of
> time.    

You keep talking as if SVLUG operates a jobs _Web_ site -- but every
single mention of "jobs at lists.svlug.org" describes it very explicitly as
a mailing list, and describes exactly how it works, and links directly
to its mailing list archive, which captures ALL POSTINGS going back for
many, many years.

In addition, it really might have occurred to you that you were writing
to jobs at LISTS.svlug.org.  If not, when you sent that mail and it was
held for moderator approval by SVLUG's volunteers, you would have
received an automated return e-mail that informed you of that fact, AND
told you how to cancel your post before approval, if you decided sending
that mail to, I repeat, a publicly archived mailing list, was a mistake.

> I thought it would just be a matter of 'deleting' those pages off the
> server.  

Again, those are not "pages" of a Web site:  They are an automatically
generated Web-format archive, produced by an e-mail mailing list.
Mailing lists are the predominant form of group discussion on the
Internet in 2007, and have been for about 15 years.

I could certainly have deleted your entire e-mail from the collective
mbox, and then regenerated the archive as described in my prior mail.
That would have renumbered all of the posts that followed your
chronologically, creating the likelihood that various people would then
write to us and complain "Hey, why is the jobs posting that I sent on
XX/YY/200Z no longer reachable at URL [blah]?  We've been referring
people to that."

In addition, I simply have not heard a compelling reason why SVLUG
should be retroactively erasing your entire message.  Twice, I asked
what's the huge problem of your message remaining on the record, as you
should have known it would be either when you found out about the
mailing list, or when you sent your post, or when you received the "held
for moderation" notice telling you explicitly what is going on.  You 
haven't actually answered my question, even after I asked twice.  So, I
conclude that you cannot cite such a reason.

> Vox-jobs did it with no problem....

I could have "done it with no problem", other than the sort I allude to
above.  However, you haven't bothered to cite a reason why I should.

As it is, you're not paying me or SVLUG for our time, and you've used a
fair amount of mine today.

I really don't mind explaining -- though it's now officially getting
old, since this is round 3 -- but your apparent assumption that it's
perfectly fine to get strangers to do work for you for free is a bit

> I won't be posting any more job postings on the internet.  

In all benevolent intent, I will simply suggest that you learn a bit
more about the Internet before using its services -- which for the most
part means bothering to read what's right in front of your nose.  No
offence taken, in any event, and I do wish you luck.

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