[volunteers] (forw) RE: Question

'Rick Moen' rick at linuxmafia.com
Thu Mar 22 15:01:43 PST 2007

He replied back (again dropping the mailing list from distribution).  
He says he wasn't Internet-savvy back then, but figured it would be
dead-simple to delete those "pages" from our "Web site".

Apparently the fact that had sent E-MAIL to jobs at LISTS.svlug.org
(emphasis added) is still not sufficient clue -- and he _still_ thinks
he had merely posted to a "Web site".

This level of confusion is sadly common, I've found.  Appallingly, it is
particularly common among technology-industry _recruiters_, who very
frequently send mail directly to jobs at lists.svlug.org asking if we will
please post some add to "our Web site".

Before someone suggests that SVLUG needs to start some heroic initiative to
educate such people:  No.  Just no.  That is not our problem, and some
things are just the mailing list poster's responsibility to glean from
various bountiful and nearby clue trees -- e.g., the listinfo Web page
where they found the list's posting address.

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