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Brooks is yet another one of the large number of people who can't figure
out that, when you're talking to a mailing list, you need to do
Reply-to-All.  Grr.

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I'm sorry, I did not know it was that big of a deal.  I wouldn't ask you to
do this if it wasn't important.  I am not trying to re-write history.  It
has nothing to do with the company folding.  It is a personal matter about
what can be found on google.      

I do not want my name and phone number showing up as the FIRST hit when my
name is searched.  I had no idea the power of google 4 years ago.  The
administrator at lugod vox-jobs removed the same job posts with no problem
and should be gone when the spiders crawl the site again.  I was hoping you
could do the same.  If you won't delete the posts, can you delete my
name/e-mail/phone number from the posts?

Thank you for your consideration.





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[Brooks wrote to a mailto link on one of our Web pages, resulting in his
mail going to "web-team at lists.svlug.org", which resulted in it being
redirected to "volunteers at lists.svlug.org".]

Quoting Brooks Hollan (bhm3 at cox.net):

> Hello,
> My name is Brooks Hollan, and about 3 years ago, there were some jobs 
> posted on your site for a company called Cobb Communications.  The 
> company never materialized, and I was wondering if you could remove 
> those 3 year old job posts for me.  Since the company is no longer 
> around, that e-mail address is no longer valid bhollan at cobbcomm.com.
> Here are the links:
> http://lists.svlug.org/pipermail/jobs/2004-January/000007.html
> http://lists.svlug.org/archives/jobs.mbox/jobs.mbox

Hi, Brooks.  I'm the moderator of the SVLUG "jobs" mailing list.

Is there a particular reason why your jobs postings from three years ago are
causing significant problems?  To answer your question, no, we would not
normally a purge old jobs-available mailing list posting from three years
ago merely because the firm folded.  Lots of firms fold, and nobody expects
mailing list administrators to alter history in order to retroactively
change the record.

Additionally, it strains credulity to imagine that people would be still
trying to submit applications for three-year-old job openings.  Since that's
obviously not the concern, what problem are you trying to fix, that merits
our changing history and going to a rather large amount of trouble to
retroactively delete your single three-year-old posting and re-generate the
entire mailing list archive?

In short, unless you can cite some exceptionally good reason, the answer is
going to be "No, sorry."

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