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Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Sun Mar 18 12:37:48 PST 2007

"Initiatives in the East Bay"?  Well, anyway, could among other things
be a useful site resource, e.g., for installfests, if such is needed.

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Hi SVLUG Team,
We are very impressed and interested in your groups' initiatives in the
east bay. Unitek is a Red Hat and Suse Linux Authorized Training Partner
based in Fremont, CA. 
We would like to expose more members of the Linux community to our
learning offerings. We would be happy to offer you one of our training
rooms to host any of your upcoming meetings that you need computers for.
I am sure I can convince our VP to throw in Pizza as well. I believe I
have some RedHat and Suse shirts etc. to give away as well.
We are conveniently located in Fremont right off of 880/680. Please let
me know if there is interest. Here is a quick link to our site:
With regards, 
Bahram Eslampour
Corporate IT Accounts Manager
Direct Line
| (510) 743-2757
Main Line
| (510) 249-1060 ext. 357
| (510) 740-3693
| Bahrame at unitek.com <mailto:Bahrame at unitek.com> 
| http://www.unitek.com/ <http://www.unitek.com/>  

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