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Sat Mar 10 21:40:38 PST 2007

Paul - I believe that you, as President of SVLUG, deserve a well
considered response to this (and your last) mail.  I do not expect I
will have time to do that until somewhere from a few days, to maybe even
two weeks or more.  I am hoping I will be fortunate enough to be able to
reply to you by the end of next weekend. (about 8 days from now.)

When I said below that it might take me a day or two to reply to that
last email, you called my statement "dismissive", which is a totally
inaccurate characterization.  

You seem to fail to understand that I am very busy with many
responsibilities, which actually have a way higher priority to me than
my (currently) unpaid volunteer efforts for the GNU/Linux community.

If you truly believe I was being "dismissive", well, that's what you
believe.  But, your belief is wrong.

Anyway, because you have added this significant 2nd email to my to do
list, I am now updating my reply time to you _for the two emails
together_ to be the same as I've said above - up to or more than two
weeks. (not the "a day or two" I'd stated my estimate as in that last
email of mine.)  (ie, I will not reply to the first email withing a few
days, but when I reply to this email of yours also.)

On Fri, 9 Mar 2007 09:46:52 -0800, "Paul Reiber" <reiber at gmail.com>
> John wrote:
> > Whew! Long Email!
> Yes, the problems with your behavior/attitude as an
> SVLUG volunteer were many.
> > Well, I skimmed it over.
> You're doing a disservice to yourself this way, but that's
> your decision.  I put the time into trying to help you succeed;
> the least you could have done would have been to read,
> understand, and learn from that.
> I wanted this effort to succeed, and did everything I could
> to try to help you past the problems you were/are having,
> but it doesn't appear you're open to change.
> > I might have time to reread it & reply in a day or two.
> John - don't bother on my account - this dismissive reply
> you've just sent was sufficient for me to decide your fate
> as an SVLUG volunteer.
> There was a paragraph recommending your next step be
> to request assistance and an extra camera for the project,
> so as to speed up the digitizing process.   Had you taken
> that step, it would have indicated that you were trying to
> work WITH me, instead of around me.  Failing that, you've
> shown me that I can't count on you as a volunteer.
> >  Why don't you send it to the volunteers list - I've got no
> > proplem with that.
> When I do next address the volunteers (and general SVLUG
> population) regarding video-ing the meetings, I'll be asking
> for additional help with video-ing SVLUG events.
> We need the following:
> - an 8mm camera & associated equipment
> - a new cameraman
> John, I'm sorry, this is simply not working out.  Volunteers
> are supposed to make things EASIER on the officers, not
> harder.  You're far too difficult to work with, so I'm afraid
> you're off the project from SVLUG's perspective.
> You're certainly welcome to attend future meetings and
> all that, but as of TODAY - 3/9/07, I'm not interested in
> your "help" on any SVLUG or other related matters.
> On to the legal matters.  The content from the previous
> two meetings is SVLUG property and you're not free
> to use it without permission.  Right now, since you're no
> longer working as an SVLUG volunteer, you do NOT
> have SVLUG's permission to use or share the content.
> If you'd like to receive permission, you'll need to first
> assist and ensure that SVLUG gets Ogg Theora encoded
> copies of all material from both meetings, such that we
> can share them on our website per our original plan.
> After we have that content under our control, I'll revisit
> the question of giving you the right to use the content.
> I'm sorry things didn't work out - it's never pleasant to
> have to do what I'm doing, but it's in SVLUG's best interest.
> I wish you the best of luck in the future,
> -Paul Reiber
> President, SVLUG
  john_re at fastmail.us

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