[volunteers] Meldware Presentation

Aron Sogor asogor at buni.org
Thu Mar 8 19:50:16 PST 2007


My name is Aron Sogor.  I work with a group of software developers on an 
open source multi-platform groupware package called Meldware 
Communication Suite which provides a mail server (IMAP/POP/SMTP), 
calendar server (iCal/WCAP), administration client and 
webmail/webcalendar.  I would like to give a technical talk to your 
group about using Meldware and Linux to support both open source clients 
(ThunderBird/Evolution/Firefox) and legacy clients (Outlook/IE).  I am 
an experienced speaker having given talks at JBossWorld, AjaxWorld, 
JavaOne and a number of private talks for my previous employers, 
Windriver, Vodafone.  Is there an open time for me to give this talk?


Aron Sogor

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