[volunteers] March Video notes

john_re@fastmail.us john_re at fastmail.us
Tue Mar 6 01:07:17 PST 2007

Hi all - some quick notes, cause it's late, & i'm tired, & short on

Two topics:
1) record svlug meeting - schoen
1.5) Play other videos for SVLUG - 2nd SVLUG monthly meeting?
2) GL Proj leader monthly 1 minute videos

I spoke with PaulR a few days ago, mentioned these, & he said ok to them
(1 & 2, I didn't tell him about 1.5.).

1) Seth said OK to being recorded at the March svlug meeting. (So Mark,
no need for you to ask him if he'd like to have the recording made.)   I
should be ready to go.  I don't need any extra support this time, since
I'll be just using my vcam & mic. Seth said he didn't have tiny detailed
slides, so no need to do the slide vga video digitization.

(I also recorded two other videos this past month, of RMS, 1 the
GNU/Linux system, 2 Copyright.  So those videos will also become
available to GLUGs. Perhaps SVLUG could have a 2nd monthly meeting where
a recent video recorded from outside SVLUG could be played.  Good
idea???  3rd Wednesday??????)

2) I've told some people about this project - GNU Linux FreeSW project
leaders make a monthly 1 minute video about their project, I combine
them, & make them available to GLUGs.

I've got such a video from RMS that I plan to have available to play for
svlug this march meeting.  I think the best time for it would be after
the beginning of meeting announcements are done, & before the speaker
begins.  RMS's video is about 3 minutes.  I will try to make a 1 minute
video about my video projects & their status, & include that also.

(Y'all seen the FakeSteveJobs blog? Hilarious. Namaste.)
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