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Richard Sharpe rsharpe at richardsharpe.com
Sun Mar 4 22:39:08 PST 2007


I work for TrustedData. We are developing a new USB Storage device that 
we think will change the way storage is viewed by most people. It provides 
for almost infinite expandability (well up to four times the largest 
drives currently available) along with high levels of safety. The device 
can contain up to four drives, of varying sizes. If you have more than two 
drives, [most of] your data is protected from a single drive failure, and 
in some cases, from a double drive failure.

We currently support Windows and Mac OS X, with support for Linux coming, 
although it will work under Linux today with some caveats. Better Linux 
support is currently scheduled for the second half of this year.

Users do not have to worry about mirroring, raid levels, or anything like 
that. We deal with all that in the background. The drive looks like one 
(or more, depending on the actual drives in the unit) 2TB luns connected 
via USB.

The product is currently in beta with some 140+ beta customers.

I am one of the engineers working on the software that runs on the device, 
although I have also worked on the driver we have developed for Mac OS X 
and the SCSI bypass stuff that we do on Windows (both the Mac OS X stuff 
and the Windows stuff allows us to provide a management UI). It is 
intended that customers will be able to write their own management 
applications, as the current thinking is that the management interface is 
be documented and available.

I would like to give a technical talk about the product during May or June 
if that is possible. The talk will concentrate on demonstrating the 
product being used under various OSes as well as provide an intro to the 
way that we do some of our stuff and the management interface.

If this is acceptable I will provide an outline of the talk in a couple of 

Please respond to both email addresses above.

Richard Sharpe, rsharpe[at]richardsharpe.com, rsharpe[at]samba.org,
sharpe[at]ethereal.com, http://www.richardsharpe.com

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