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Subject: SVLUG Conferencing/Distance Learning

As I recall from distance learning, you get into various combinations of
and place of presenter and audience...

I think what may be on Hereon's mind, and would desirable eventually, is
allow remote participants to ask questions of the presenter _during_ the 
presentation and have the entire process broadcast and recorded. (In
learning this also can take the form of sharing control of the
computer, mouse, cursor, etc.)

This is a "same time different place" situation. Rick has mentioned the
useful (and most often used) technique of "different time, different
That is the viewer is watching at a different time of their choosing
from a 
different place than the lecture hall or the Veritas cafe.

This is a big undertaking and we might get there eventually but starting 
simply is wise and we/you have been honing in on a reasonable starting 


Mark Weisler
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