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Subject: Re: DRAFT- Permission & tech for recording Feb SVLUG speaker -
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On Fri, 2 Feb 2007 05:40:49 -0800, "Mark Weisler"
<mark at weisler-saratoga-ca.us> said:
> Hello All,
> The message below describes efforts toward, essentially, making video 
> recordings of SVLUG meetings and then, perhaps, putting the video on our 
> server(s).
> On Thursday 01 February 2007 22:48, Hereon wrote:
> > Hi Paul & Mark - I'm sending you this draft so you are aware of this
> > info now, & will be aware of what I'm working to get to you.  I'm so
> > busy I havent been able to get this email message done properly yet.  I

> It all sounds good and useful. 
> * If recordings are proposed for speakers we need to let them know that
> in our 
> invitations to them to speak.
> * If OK with Paul et al, I'll ask Sameer Verma if it is OK to record him.
> I 
> think it will be as his material is already on his Web site.

Great - I think Paul said OK in a subsequent message, so will you
contact Sameer Verma now, so that he has time to comprehend the (minor,
hopefully, for him) change & can agree if he desires (In time for the

One thing I'm not yet sure how to handle is how to provide
synchronization between slides/(live sw demo) & the talk video. Slide
sync shouldn't be too hard, if we ask the speaker to say "now I'm
showing slide # __, pertaining to ___such_&_such_topic___". 

I've skimmed an article in some linux mag for the past few months that
had something about making slide shows from sw demo's. It might have
been in one of the european linux mags. Maybe it makes a Adobe Flash

Any suggestions on how to handle getting a recording of sw demo
> * the field of "distance learning" is related to this pursuit and the 
> technologies/techniques in that realm may be of use in this effort,
> obviously 
> including video conferencing.

Great! Do you know of any sw/systems?

> -- 
> Mark Weisler 

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