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Date: Fri, 2 Feb 2007 14:24:37 -0800
Subject: Re: DRAFT- Permission & tech for recording Feb SVLUG speaker

Quoting Hereon (hereon1 at fastmail.us):

> My goals were/are only:
> 1) As a first step, to record the talks & make them available for later
> download by anyone,

BayLISA has proven that the "record" part is eminently feasible, because
it has a collection of (8mm?  Hi8?) video tapes.  However, that project
_did_ require that the group buy a quite expensive camera.  (I can't
quite remember the type of camera:  You could ask Jennifer Davis.)

I'm pretty sure that BayLISA's tapes are in one of the analogue formats;
specifically, they're in some low-cost analogue tape format with a
capacity that sometimes captures the entire meeting, but sometimes
requires a second tape.  Current commodity camcorder-tape formats are:

"8mm" = Video8:  120 minutes maxium capacity, stores analogue video.
       This has been obsoleted by:
Hi8:  Same capacity, but with better picture quality, stores analogue
Digital8:  60 minutes, stores raw DV.

For any of those, you need to encode to something less insanely large.
For the analogue formats, you also need to use hardware that samples the
video to prodece a digital stream, before it can be encoded to reduce
the size by a 7-10 factor (or some other factor, depending on efficiency
of your encoding, and the degree to which lossage is permissible).

By the way, who's providing the expensive video camera?

> 2) For speakers talking to SVLUG from remote locations, to have some
> live output capability back to the speaker, maybe audio, video? so that
> they can take questions & comments live.

Ah.  Doing a live audio-only feed from on-site would probably be

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