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Hello All,
The message below describes efforts toward, essentially, making video 
recordings of SVLUG meetings and then, perhaps, putting the video on our 

I'm copying Rick as there are implications for our servers and SVLUG
My comment are below, after Hereon's message.

On Thursday 01 February 2007 22:48, Hereon wrote:
> Hi Paul & Mark - I'm sending you this draft so you are aware of this
> info now, & will be aware of what I'm working to get to you.  I'm so
> busy I havent been able to get this email message done properly yet.  I

It all sounds good and useful. 
* If recordings are proposed for speakers we need to let them know that
in our 
invitations to them to speak.
* If OK with Paul et al, I'll ask Sameer Verma if it is OK to record
him. I 
think it will be as his material is already on his Web site.
* We need to think about the server and service implications of putting
video on-line, bandwidth usage at our co-location service provider, 
format/encoding of  video, playback/download over the Internet,
copyrights  the presenter or others, etc.
* the field of "distance learning" is related to this pursuit and the 
technologies/techniques in that realm may be of use in this effort,
including video conferencing.

Mark Weisler 
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