[volunteers] Fwd: DRAFT- Permission & tech for recording Feb SVLUG speaker

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Fri Feb 2 14:54:44 PST 2007

Hi Paul & Mark - I'm sending you this draft so you are aware of this
info now, & will be aware of what I'm working to get to you.  I'm so
busy I havent been able to get this email message done properly yet.  I
mainly want you to know I'd like to try recording this upcoming meeting
if that is ok with everyone, & some further thoughts about why that is a
good idea, & why the teleconference talk is a good idea, & how work on
these issues is progressing!  I'll try to get this into polished form
for you in a few days.  If there's not time to record this months
meeting, no problem.  Cheers! :)

***** The only question I _do_ have for you now is: Is it OK with YOUs
for the Feb talk to be recorded, if that is technically & operationally
possible????? Thanks :)

Hi Paul & Mark, (& Darlene,)

***** Main question of this email: 
If it is ok with the Feb speaker,
(Sameer Verma Topic: VoIP and the Asterisk PBX)
can I/we record the speaker's talk?

Three issues:
1)  Technology for SVLUG remote speaker video teletalk
1b) Great beenefits for all in making SVLUG talk recordings for Linux
2a) Recording SVLUG meeting videos for distribution worldwide
2b) Tech & systems to let a speaker remote from SVLUG give a talk to
3) Recording this next meeting.

I think video recording SVLUG talks will be good for several aspects of
the Linux community:
1) Good for Linux users & developers & LUGS - to learn from the talks
2) Good for SVLUG - SVLUG gains the respect from being a leader in
helping linux users worldwide.
3) Good for the speaker - S/He gets the information in their talk spread
to a larger audience.

Recall I've recently spoken with you about my desire to have some
specific talks at svlug, for which the best speakers might not be able
to physically come to svlug.  Therefore, I proposed the possibility of
remote speaker video teletalk technology.

IIRC, both Paul & Mark said "feel free to investigate & report back."

I have done investigation, & here's my report, & a specific request to
video record the Feb svlug meeting.

Issue 1: Technology for SVLUG remote speaker video teletalk

I've spoken with various people for an initial infomation investigation,
& the idea seems likely doable & valueable.

As an initial step toward that goal, I propose video recording 1 or more
local talks, & getting them available online for the linux community, in
order to gain sw & hw familiarity & experience.

Daniel Gimpelevich has been entheusiastic in helping me investigate the
issues, & said he will assist also with operations.  I've spoken briefly
with others also, & it seems likely a volunteer team can be assembled to
achieve this first step.

Some notes & questions re Video Recording upcomming SVLUG meetings.

1) If it is ok with the Feb speaker, can I/we record the speaker's talk,
with the goal of
a) making the talk available to Linux users & LUGs
b) gaining experience toward having the ability to manage an SVLUG talk
reception from a remote speaker.

Current results: I've been making progress. Here's some results &

As you recall, I've spoken with you all, starting since at least the Jan
svlug meeting, regarding my desire to have several speakers (KDevelop,
Linus, Mark Shuttleworth-Ubuntu). & mentioned the idea of perhaps having
the ability to enable them to speak to us via video link, in case it was
not possible for them to physically come to the meeting.

I've been discussing the technicalities of this with Daniel G, &
together we conclude that a great step forward toward that technical
capability, would be to take the step of recording a local speaker. 
This will let us gain skill in using some of the sw & hw necessary to
doing the more complex task of receiving a talk at svlug from a remote

The talk will be licensed under a useful possibly creative commons or
other free type license.  SVLUG & the volunteers create this for no
cost/charge, & we'll have to find some appropriate way to distribute it.
(From the SVLUG server? - too much bandwith for our free host? YouTube?
Archive.org? Other?)

As a step toward that, 

Can we record the Feb speaker?

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