[volunteers] DRAFT- Permission & tech for recording Feb SVLUG speaker - Video Camera

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Fri Feb 2 14:39:57 PST 2007

On Fri, 2 Feb 2007 14:24:37 -0800, "Rick Moen" <rick at linuxmafia.com>
> Quoting Hereon (hereon1 at fastmail.us):
> > My goals were/are only:
> > 1) As a first step, to record the talks & make them available for later
> > download by anyone,
> BayLISA has proven that the "record" part is eminently feasible, because
> it has a collection of (8mm?  Hi8?) video tapes.  However, that project

> "8mm" = Video8:  120 minutes maxium capacity, stores analogue video.
>        This has been obsoleted by:
> Hi8:  Same capacity, but with better picture quality, stores analogue
> video.
> Digital8:  60 minutes, stores raw DV.

> By the way, who's providing the expensive video camera?

I have an 8mm (IIRC) Samsung? (Frys special, $299) video camera (&
microphone) I've used to record svlug meetings before (couldn't make
enough time to get them digitized on line then).  Not sure I can find my
dc power supply for it - gotta dig through stuff!

It's probably easiest for this meeting to videocam record the talk,
cause that I have done, & Daniel & I haven't yet got the webcam
recording working yet.

Does anyone else have a videocam we can use for his meeting? (With power

I have a pcmcia video digitizer, but for recordings > aprox 10 minutes,
the audio playback gets out of sync.  What video/audio format can keep
audio & video in sync for long (>10 minute) videos?

[I'm sending this to the volunteers list, along with my original
message. Am taking (was it Paul's? advice) - to move this topic to a
larger audience, so that more people can have input/awareness.]

> > 2) For speakers talking to SVLUG from remote locations, to have some
> > live output capability back to the speaker, maybe audio, video? so that
> > they can take questions & comments live.
> Ah.  Doing a live audio-only feed from on-site would probably be
> feasible.
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