[volunteers] meeting notices on other lists

Mark Weisler mark at weisler-saratoga-ca.us
Wed Jan 24 12:55:59 PST 2007

Paul Reiber wrote:
> Hello, SVLUG volunteers!
> I recently received a posting about an upcoming PenLUG
> meeting, via the SVLUG mailinglist.
> I'm more than happy to allow this sort of posting by nearby
> "sister LUGs" on the list.
> However, this has me wondering how much _we_ post on
> _their_ lists.  Are we posting meeting notices on PenLUG
> and the various other bay area Linux and UNIX mailinglists?
> If we're not, we definitely should be.
> Best,
> -Paul
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I have joined the PenLUG list and send them our meeting announcements. I
will start including SJSU and LUGoD. Any others?

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