[volunteers] Response on call for volunteers

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Sun Jan 7 21:44:26 PST 2007

Quoting Wayne Earl (wayne at qconcepts.net):

> 2. Remote monitoring of the svlug server via nagios - I've got my own
> colo-ed server at Via, and would be willing to monitor the system remotely
> with Nagios, ensuring that available services are always up and running.

Pretty good idea.

> 1. Svlug server sysadmin work, both remotely and physically - I have
> keyed access to the Via.net co-lo at their office where the svlug
> server is physically housed (I have several clients colo-ed there, and
> have worked closely with Via on a number of projects for the past
> three years). I am willing and able to provide any assistance with the
> maintenance of the server.

There are three SVLUG machines of current interest:

1.  Current server "svlug" (IP, housing all services
except DNS, living at Via.net.  Server is in a precarious state and has 
been for a long time unmaintained for reasons I don't want to have to
describe yet again, -- please see archives, or call me (650-283-7902).
We want to migrate all services off this machine, so it can be rebuilt
and repurposed.

2.  Linode virthost "gruyere" (IP, limited to 80MB RAM and
3072MB disk space, runs Ubuntu server.  This is intended to house the
new wiki (MoinMoin) version of our Web site, plus do master DNS.
Currently, it does the latter, using authoritative-only nameserver
software "NSD", plus sshd, and nothing else.  FQDN "ns1.svlug.org"
points to it.

LightTPD (chosen to save RAM) is installed, and configured to front-end
a MoinMoin back-end via FastCGI.  MoinMoin is installed, and I attempted
to make it run as a FastCGI process but have not thus far succeeded.  We
are thus currently stuck at that step.  (If you feel like tackling that
chore, that would be great.)

This virthost lacks the RAM to also handle SVLUG's other services (SMTP
mail, Mailman).  When it's ready to assume the production Web server
role, we will transparently cut over FQDN "www.svlug.org" to its IP.

3.  Newly built server "brie" (IP on a revamped VA Linux
Systems 2230, likewise in SVLUG rackspace at Via.net.  Has on it a rough
cut of all software that would be required to replicate the entire
current server, and runs sshd, but is otherwise unconfigured.  This is
second priority behind moving the Web site.  Once the Web site is moved
to Linode, we need to configure brie for the SMTP server and Mailman
roles.  Once it's ready for that, we transparently cut over FDQNs
"lists.svlug.org" and "svlug.org" -- freeing up legacy server "svlug" to
be rebuilt.

As a third priority, "brie" could next sprout some suitable MoinMoin
instance, to take advantage of MoinMoin's hot, live backup capabilities.

I'd be delighted to get you shell and root on the above at your earliest
convenience.  Call me?

Cheers,                               I remember Fred, 1919 - 2005. 
Rick Moen                        http://linuxmafia.com/faq/Essays/fred.html
rick at linuxmafia.com

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