[volunteers] Response on call for volunteers

Wayne Earl wayne at qconcepts.net
Sun Jan 7 19:32:37 PST 2007

Hello Everyone,

This is in response to Paul's email to the svlug list regarding volunteers.
I am willing and available to do the following:

1. Svlug server sysadmin work, both remotely and physically - I have keyed
access to the Via.net co-lo at their office where the svlug server is
physically housed (I have several clients colo-ed there, and have worked
closely with Via on a number of projects for the past three years). I am
willing and able to provide any assistance with the maintenance of the

2. Remote monitoring of the svlug server via nagios - I've got my own
colo-ed server at Via, and would be willing to monitor the system remotely
with Nagios, ensuring that available services are always up and running.

Let me know how I can help out.

Wayne Earl <wayne at qconcepts.net>
gpg public key: http://www.qconcepts.net/key.txt
gpg key fingerprint: 3CE4 0558 635E DADB 327C 73AB 11CA 9A6B B209 E8C5  

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