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Chris Verges (chverges) chverges at cisco.com
Tue Feb 21 22:07:53 PST 2006

Hey Paul,

Good ideas, but I'm wondering just how much we need to worry about this.
Do you really think that people will vote differently if it is public
versus private?

However, that being said, now we get into the issue of how do we create
a unique paper ballot?  :-)  Ideally, it will be done by three
individuals who are not related to this issue and will not be voting.
Those three will then collect the ballots at the meeting and tally them,
checking for duplicates.  No one should see this ballot prior to the
meeting -- i.e. it should be a surprise to everyone other than those
three who created it.

So who will do it?  It definitely needs to be someone who is not related
to SBAY or an officer or volunteer (past or present) of SVLUG, and who
has not posted on the issue nor who has been used as a sounding board by
either side.


Chris Verges
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On 18 Feb 2006 at 14:21:53, J. Paul Reed arranged the bits on my disk to

> According to reports on this list from people that were there, it was 
> a show-of-hands vote at a meeting. This implies no electronic counting

> of votes. It also implies people had to be present at the meeting to

Replying to myself, a concern was raised to me regarding voting with via
a public, hand-vote methodology.

The concern was that it should be possible to cast a private vote.

This was not how the original vote was conducted, but with the amount of
discussion surrounding this vote, it should be an option. (There was
supposedly no controversy around the last vote, likely because there was
no [public] discussion, I guess?)

I figure "distinctive" paper ballots should suffice. If we have a couple
of volunteers watching a ballot-like box, I can't imagine that we'll
have enough people voting that we can't remember who already voted. But
maybe I'm naive.

Objections? Any better suggestions?

If not, I'll send out the vote announcement tomorrow, a week in advance.

It'll also be included in the meeting announcement, and I'll announce it
again right before the meeting.

Silicon Valley Linux Users' Group
preed at svlug.org

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