[Volunteers] split list proposal?

Bill Kendrick nbs at sonic.net
Tue Dec 6 16:00:53 PST 2005

[regarding creating a technical-only list for SVLUG, along with a general list]

On Tue, Dec 06, 2005 at 03:33:20PM -0800, Bill Ward wrote:
> That's an interesting idea, I personally would worry that it would
> "ghettoize" the people seeking help.  People would come onto svlug@
> and post questions and get shunted over to the other list, which
> presumably not as many people would read.  At least, that's my fear. 
> Bill K., has that happened at all in LUGOD?

Nope.  Really, the main 'vox' list is more the ghetto. ;)

  vox      - 207 subscribers [*]
    Recent posts:  Oct=50,  Nov=51,  Dec=9[+]  - Avg=48
    Last year:     Oct=75,  Nov=59,  Dec=64    - Avg=66

  vox-tech - 228 subscribers [*]
    Recent posts:  Oct=55,  Nov=37,  Dec=19[+] - Avg=49
    Last year:     Oct=134, Nov=181, Dec=247   - Avg=397

[*] As of this very moment
[+] So far this month.

So that's interesting.  vox-tech is still a smidge busier than vox,
but nothing like this time last year, when it was 8x more active than it
is now (and 6 times more active than vox was the same time last year)!

Maybe Linux has gotten easier to use? :)  Or maybe we've all just gotten
too busy...

PS - For reference, our "vox-announce" list, the list I recommend
EVERYONE interested in LUGOD events sign up for, currently has 226

PPS - Cc'ing to LUGOD's vox-officers list, since these numbers are
pretty interesting.

bill at newbreedsoftware.com

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