[Volunteers] posting video of svlug meetings online

Chris Verges chverges at cisco.com
Tue Dec 6 14:32:29 PST 2005

Rick Moen wrote:

>It's good, except it seems to exclude -- as I said -- the possibility of some kind soul providing the hardware and bandwidth resources.
The thing is, I'll give you the server that can do the broadcasting.  
Now the problem becomes, "Who is responsible for the server?"  :-)  None 
of the officers want to deal with it, and no one else seems thrilled at 
the prospect of having to come to every meeting to be in charge of the 
taping.  You can post on the page that Chris Verges 
<squirrel at headnut.org> has equipment that can be used if and only if 
someone wants to take charge of it.  Otherwise, we're lacking personnel 
to actually make it happen, not equipment.

This is something ya'll should bring up at the next volunteers dinner.  
We discussed it a few months back, but perhaps it is time to revisit.


Chris Verges
chverges at cisco.com
408 525-0401

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