[Volunteers] meeting.shtml edits

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Fri Dec 2 15:05:24 PST 2005

Quoting J. Paul Reed (preed at svlug.org):

> Please revert the meetings.shtml webpage to vertsion 1.231; if you have any
> questions, feel free to ping me, but take care of this first.

OK, done.

You want bad punctuation, bad grammar, bad markup, and no pointer to the 
keysigning instructions, you got it:  I'll assume I'm forbidden from
[re-]fixing those errors.  My apologies to Andrew Chant for not being
able to link to his party page as I'd promised:  That was among the 
additions I just now reverted out of the RCS history at your request.

Log entries for my work that I just destroyed at your direction were as

1.232:  Correct misspelling ("Gnome"), fix grammar, fix punctuation,
remove inappropriate and Web-semantics-ignorant (physical styling
instead of logical) markup, put book title correctly into emphasised
text, move hyperlink onto book title instead of having it hang off the
end like an amateur.  (Talk titles don't get emphasised text markup;
book titles do.  It's called literacy, and it'd be nice if kibbitzers
don't keep intervening in my work in a fashion that makes me look
illiterate.  Thank you.  And lose the "i" markup habit, except where you
actually have a physical need for italics.  "em" is emphasised text.
The difference is one of logical markup versus physical:  Since you don't
know what browser a user is going to use or even whether it's graphical
-- it could be a text-reader for the blind -- you don't apply physical
stylings like "i" and "b" except in the rare cases where it's literally
supposed to be italicised or bolded.  In the general case, you really
intended emphasised text and strong text, which are semantic concepts
that the browser then expresses in whatever way is most appropriate for
the output device and situation.)

1.233:  Further punctuation fixes.  (In technical English, terminal
punctuation gets included in quotations only if it is part of the string
being quoted.  This eliminates a large source of ambiguity that exists
in literary English.)  Earlier revision also [re-]deleted Andrew Chant's
prefix to his talk title _by his invitation_ to do so.  It was cute, it
was slightly profane, but it junked up the talk title.

1.234:  Add keysigning instructions.

1.235:  Tweak wording a bit.

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