[Volunteers] The December SVLUG meeting; was Re: [Officers] Linux Applications Contest ? Win $50K

Andrew Chant andrew.chant at gmail.com
Thu Dec 1 16:17:01 PST 2005

J. Paul Reed wrote:

>3. Andrew Chant will be doing a presentation on PGP and we'll be finishing
>up the meeting with a keysigning (which is the members focus part of this
>one). Please include in the announcement/webpage the requirements to do a
>keysigning (which I'm not sure what they all are; laptop, I guess?) 
>Andrew: can you confirm for us?

My preferred title would be :

Demystifying commonly used security protocols and encryption.

Feel free to kill the first line if you'd like :)

I will also finish the meeting with a keysigning.  There are 
requirements for the keysigning, but no computers involved.  People need 
to perform some activities before the meeting, e.g. sending me their 
name/key etc.  They also need to bring ID to the meeting. I will create 
a proper webpage and announcement tonight (I've been pretty busy at 
work, meant to get it out earlier), and a small blurb for the svlug 
meeting announcement. 


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