[Volunteers] The December SVLUG meeting; was Re: [Officers] Linux Applications Contest ? Win $50K

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Thu Dec 1 16:41:46 PST 2005

Quoting J. Paul Reed (preed at svlug.org):

> Please rename this meeting "An SVLUG Member Project Revue."


> Please include in the announcement/webpage the requirements to do a
> keysigning (which I'm not sure what they all are; laptop, I guess?) 

Standard protocol for a keysigning party actually is to _not_ rely on
computers during the event, but rather for each participant to bring key
hashes and a printout of the keyring page, e.g., generated using the
attached CGI, and then for each participant to tick off on the printout
that he/she has confirmed the (1) key hash, and (2) photo ID of each
other participant.

Participants then go home to their computers, crytographically sign the
keys they're willing to attest to, using their respective copies of the
party keyring, and then send those signatures either to the organiser or
directly to the public nameservers.

However, how Andrew conducts his keysigning party (event) is entirely up
to Andrew, and so I await details from him.

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