[Volunteers] The December SVLUG meeting; was Re: [Officers] Linux Applications Contest ? Win $50K

J. Paul Reed preed at svlug.org
Thu Dec 1 15:51:54 PST 2005

On 21 Nov 2005 at 14:37:08, Rick Moen arranged the bits on my disk to say:

> Quoting Bill Ward (bill at wards.net):
> > I haven't heard any feedback from anyone on this ... so I guess I'll
> > tell him he's OK for a 20 minute talk at SVLUG.
> I'd been waiting to hear from BillK about what to put for the Dec. 7 
> speaker & topic, but have now gone ahead and listed "Topic:
> Nifty-A-Thon: An evening of short presentations" and "Speaker: Various".
> BillK and others, if that needs to be adjusted, please speak up.

Please rename this meeting "An SVLUG Member Project Revue."

"Nifty-a-thon" implies that this meeting is a collection of the Nifties
that we do each month. 

It's not, and if it were to give that impression, frankly, I'd skip the
meeting, because that's somewhat boring.

When I originally discussed this idea with Bill Kendrick and others (at the
Hacking Society), the idea was to have a meeting about all the projects our
own members are working on, not a bunch (comparatively impersonal) of "How
to do X?"-presentations. 

So, Rick/web peoples: please update the meeting name.

Also, please add the confirmed list of speakers:

1. Micah Dowty will be presenting CIA: A real-time window into the open
source world

2. Bill Kendrick will be presenting "State of Tuxpaint"

3. Andrew Chant will be doing a presentation on PGP and we'll be finishing
up the meeting with a keysigning (which is the members focus part of this
one). Please include in the announcement/webpage the requirements to do a
keysigning (which I'm not sure what they all are; laptop, I guess?) 

Andrew: can you confirm for us?

Also, I've cc'd all the people presenting; if they'd like to change the
titles of their presentations, that's totally fine; these are just things I
rattled off (without actually asking them first ;-)

We still need to confirm the actual Nifty of the month; there were a couple
of ideas floating around, and I guess I'll need to track 'em down.

Bill Kendrick: you were asking about announcements; we'll shoot for sending
this all out tomorrow (and hopefully having the webpage match the
announcement). That sound do-able?

Silicon Valley Linux Users' Group
preed at svlug.org

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