[Volunteers] Holiday dinner - Dec. 18, 2005

Bill Ward bill at wards.net
Tue Nov 22 22:10:18 PST 2005

Last year I organized a holiday dinner at Chef Wang's Chinese
restaurant in Los Altos.  It went pretty well except for some problems
with the money (people ate a lot more than was originally budgeted

This year the owner of Chef Wang's has relocated to Cupertino and the
place is now called Lucy's Cafe.  But the food is the same.  Since
they don't have a banquet room at the new place, they can only have
big parties on Sundays, when they are normally closed.  I've reserved
the restaurant for Sunday, December 18.

To avoid a repeat of the money problems we had last year, I'm hoping
to raise about $1,500 by corporate donations, and not charging
anything for the people who attend.  I'd like to solicit help from
members of this mailing list with fundraising.  I'm planning to talk
to the sponsors from the Linux Picnic as well as a few other companies
who have been active lately in the Linux community but would welcome
any ideas or help from the SVLUG volunteers.

Also it would be helpful if a group like LUGOD (or sbay.org?) which is
an official nonprofit organization could help by providing a donation
point for sponsors, the way LUGOD has been doing for the picnics.

Any thoughts?


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