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Sharon Cohen scohen at gen-ux.com
Tue Nov 22 14:37:58 PST 2005

GenUX is exceptionally pleased to announce it’s new technical support
services. Businesses that use Linux (especially Gentoo, although others
catered for as far as possible) can now benefit from the kind of “rapid
response” technical support typically associated with expensive service
offerings from vendors like Red Hat, Novell and SuSE. For a very
reasonable ‘per incident’ charge, we’ll talk you through anything from a
simple configuration problem to a complicated daemon setup. Costs don’t
just cover a fixed period (such as one hour on the phone) - we’ll work
with you until your individual incident has been resolved, no matter how
long that takes!

Support is provided through a wide range of interfaces, including web
chat, e-mail support and telephone support.
Gentoo Linux (http://www.gentoo.org) is a source-based metadistribution
that is geared towards flexibility, performance and stability. A wide
range of architectures are supported, including the latest 64bit x86_64
processors and the enterprise-grade Itanium2 offerings.  Many corporate
users have experienced 20-30% performance increases in common
applications such as MySQL, Apache, PostgreSQL and Oracle!  Traditional
binary distributions have to cater to a wide range of users, all with
different requirements, so the packages are very generic and bloated.
When you move to Gentoo, you get only want you require, nothing else –
no bloat, no fuss, maximum speed!

GenUX (http://www.gen-ux.com) 

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