[Volunteers] Nifty-A-Thon presentation topic

Andrew Chant andrew.chant at gmail.com
Mon Nov 21 15:05:14 PST 2005

Hey SVLUG cabal,
  I would like to hold a GPG keysigning party at the december 7th
SVLUG meeting.  Basically it will break down in to three parts:

  #1 - Hyping up the event, telling people to create GPG keys ahead of
time, send me their info, etc.  There is a fair bit which needs to be
done by both me and any people who will be doing a keysigning ahead of

#2 - A brief (15 minute max) talk on GPG/DSA/RSA/AES/SSH/SSL/WTF?!?!
       Explain, in extreme brevity, the different forms of encryption
currently in use, and the basic (non-mathemagical) methods of their

#3 - The keysigning!  This could actually take a fair bit of time,
depending on the response created by #1.  We have to read through a
pre-generated list of GPG keys, and each person participating has to
say 'YES/Aye/Arrrrgggg' whatever.  Then we need to all get in a line
and do the secret handshake.  It's a little chaotic, but it works. 
I'd suggest perhaps scheduling between twenty minutes and half an hour
for this, hopefully near the end of the meeting so people can
leave/discuss other things if they aren't interested.

Anyways, if there is interest shown at the nifty, perhaps we could
arrange for an expert (note: not me) to come in and give a real talk.

Any comments?
-Andrew Chant
 andrew.chant at gmail.com
 (yes I know it is ironic that I am not signing this email while
trying to get people to use cryptography.)

On 11/21/05, Bill Ward <bill at wards.net> wrote:
> Next month's meeting is going to have a special format -
> "Nifty-A-Thon"!  We've deliberately not scheduled a 2-hour lecture for
> the meeting; instead, YOU have a chance to get up and speak for up to
> 20 minutes on a topic you think is of interest to SVLUG members.  You
> don't have to be the person behind the project to post about it; you
> can choose any appropriate topic that you are knowledgeable about.
> So that we can prepare an agenda for the meeting, we are asking people
> to submit their proposal in advance.  Send an email to
> volunteers at svlug.org and tell us what your topic is, how much time you
> need, what kind of visual aids you plan to use, etc..  And if you've
> spoken on this or any other topic before any user groups, please
> mention that as well.
> Bill Ward
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