[Volunteers] Possible SVLUG meeting topic

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Tue Nov 1 22:14:12 PST 2005

[Snip querent from distribution.]

Quoting Bob Smith (bob at linuxtoys.org):

> The attached PDF gives more detail about the book.

For those who don't feel like dealing with an 800kB PDF, here are the
exact contents:

Linux Appliance Design 

By:  Bob Smith, John Hardin, Graham Phillips, and Bill Pierce 
Publisher:  No Starch Press (Frank Pohlmann, frank at nostarch.com) 
Release date:  April 2006 (estimated) 
Contact:  Bob Smith (bsmith at linuxtoys.org; Phone: 408.296.4409) 

Synopsis: This book shows how to build a Linux appliance.  Topics
include (a) appliance architecture, (b) security, (c) how to use event
management (logging) as an integral part of the design, and (d) how to
build simple, yet responsive user interfaces. 

The book shows how to build five different user interfaces including a
web interface, a command line interface, an alphanumeric LCD interface,
an SNMP agent, and a framebuffer interface with an IR remote control.  

The book includes a CD with full source code for a sample appliance that
the authors use as an example throughout the book.  Readers are
encouraged to use this GPL source code when they build their own

Table of Contents: 

1 Overview 
2 Appliance Architecture 
3 Building and Securing Daemons 
4 Managing Daemons 
5 Using Run Time Access 
6 Laddie, A Sample Appliance 
7 Responding to Appliance Events 
8 Designing a Web Interface 
9 Designing a Command Line Interface 
10 Buttons, LEDs, and LCDs 
11 Designing a Framebuffer Interface 
12 Infrared Remote Control 
13 Hands­On Introduction  to SNMP
14  Building an SNMP Agent 

A SNMP Reference 
B Run Time Access API Reference 
C The Laddie Appliance Bootable CD

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