[Volunteers] wireless experimenters gathering Sat 10/29 3PM in Palo Alto

Ian Kluft ikluft at thunder.sbay.org
Fri Oct 28 18:45:43 PDT 2005

We're trying to re-start the wireless server experiment that was started
in 1999 as "SBAY Wireless".  We'll get together tomorrow (Sat 10/29) at 3PM
at Alvin Oga's shop at 4062 Fabian Way in Palo Alto.

Let us know if you're interested.

The goal will be to put together the equipment for a ridgetop WiFi
server which we can aim our dishes at from around Silicon Valley.
We'll be meeting the next 3 Saturdays (10/29, 11/5, 11/12) to try to 
try to be ready to install it on the ridge (1900' overlooking the
Valley from the Los Gatos side) by mid-November.

I'm also proposing that we start a Silicon Valley Wireless Users &
Experimenters ("SVWUX") group.  Mailing lists and a wiki will be set up
hopefully this weekend.  Regular meetings will be TBA, when the group
decides on a schedule, format and location.  That discussion will be on
the mail list after it's announced - so you can be a part of it if you're

This is all learning some lessons from the previous attempts to build
this project.  We never had enough people to keep the organization going.
I'd like to make the user/experimenter group a joint sbay.org & SVLUG
effort, if SVLUG wants in on it.  But it will be its own separate SIG
of sbay.org - a wider-scoped follow-on of the SBAY Wireless SIG, which
was focused only on the repeater site equipment.

The initial SBAY Wireless experiments in 1999-2001 were successful, proving
methods for using a ridgetop wireless access point and fixed dish antennas
for links up to 20 miles.  We searched for and found the current site and
were ready to install it in September 2001...  but the tower climber got
spooked by Sept 11 and never got back to us.  The volunteers of the time
eventually gave up.  A new group of volunteers started over last year and
built a server - but people got busy and it didn't get installed.  Now
we're reviving that and trying to install it before the onset of Winter
makes the ridgetop site inaccessible during/near storms.

When the ridgetop access point is up, it'll be accessible to participants
who use a dish antenna to point at it.  But the SVWUX organization that
I'm proposing will also have regular meetings with speakers/presentations
on wider WiFi & digital radio topics.  We'll be recruiting a core of
volunteers and leaders for that larger organization.

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