[Volunteers] PacITPros (SFNTUG) Members Free 17" monitors

Douglas R. Spindler douggg at comcast.net
Thu Oct 20 15:44:56 PDT 2005

Members, here's a switch.  As you know I have been asking for monitors for
Public Schools in the Bay Area and have a surplus.  If you could use twenty
17" Viewsonic monitors and are willing to pick them up in San Francisco
(Financial district) by next Friday let me know and they are yours.  All of
the monitors are in perfect condition.

I have a schools that is looking for 20 gig or betters (working) IDE hard
drives.  If you have any and would like to donate them to a school, let me
know.  The are also looking for computers systems with processors over 1

douggg at comcast.net

Thanks for you help.  So far we have donated over 500 computer systems to
Bay Area schools.

Doug Spindler
Pacific IT Professionals - SFNTUG

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