[Volunteers] Hosting sponsor for Installfest at Google this weekend???

Ian Kluft ikluft at thunder.sbay.org
Fri Oct 14 01:55:32 PDT 2005

On Fri, Oct 14, 2005 at 12:10:52AM -0700, Peter wrote:
> I've spoken to Jason Collins, a Google employee and my ex-coworker,
> explaining the problem that Mark Nielsen's departure gives SVLUG. 
> I asked Jason if he'd be interested in taking over Mark's liaison role, 
> and Jason gave a tentative agreement on the phone at 5pm today. 
> I'm emailing him tonight to see if we can at least get a commitment 
> to cover this Saturday, and to see if he'll agree to be our Google 
> connection on an on-going basis. 
> Probably if we could get another Google employee as a backup
> host, we could avoid the problem of suddenly losing our location.
> Or our hosts could cover for each other's absences. 

Peter -

Well done.  I'm glad you were able to find someone so quickly.  Yes, it
would be best if we can eventually find a number of Google employees who
want to be SVLUG volunteers so that no single one of them has to bear
the whole burden.

Back when I was at Cisco and the SVLUG meetings were there, we usually
had several of us who did something similar.  In the last four of the
seven years, Tracy Vierra was the primary contact but Dave Masten or I
could fill in as the host as needed.  And in SVLUG's last year there,
Chris Verges arrived when Cisco began hiring again, and jumped in for
more than his share during that time.  Tracy often needed someone else
to close up so he could get started on his long commute home to Antioch.
(Yeah, Antioch.  So now you know how much dedication he showed SVLUG.)

So that's a pretty close analogy and supports well what you're thinking,
to minimize the burden per person for our Installfest hosts at Google.
We should invite them to come join the volunteers list if they want,
or stay off it (i.e. if they can't take more mail), whatever they prefer.

I don't have any other contacts at Google than the former SVLUG presidents
(Marc and Chris) who work there.  At my new employer, Google is our biggest
customer but I'm too new to have contacts there from that.  And there would
have been no way to ask until/unless I make new friends there that way.
So I felt just out of reach of being able to help with this.  I'm glad you
were able to handle it.

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