[Volunteers] Hosting sponsor for Installfest at Google this weekend???

Bill Ward bill at wards.net
Thu Oct 13 17:41:44 PDT 2005


I noticed you've been posting job openings at Google to the various
LUG's and I am hoping you can help.  SVLUG normally holds an
Installfest meeting once a month on the 2nd Saturday which is this
weekend.  We have been holding them at Google, but the Google employee
who was our contact there, Mark Nielsen, has left the company.

Can you help us?  We need a new contact person to replace Mark,
especially for this weekend.  The person needs to be there in person,
but wouldn't need to do anything more than that.  We have other
volunteers who run the event who can help.  Any assistance you can
offer would be greatly appreciated!!!

Bill Ward
President, PenLUG

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