[Volunteers] Pac IT Pros ( SFNTUG ) - $1300 Discount on Security Training Oct 7-9 in Walnut Creek - Read this for details

Douglas R. Spindler douggg at comcast.net
Thu Oct 6 12:00:03 PDT 2005

Pacific IT Pros members and SFNTUG members:

SFNTUG has been around almost 20 years.  As the industry has changed, so has
SFNTUG.  We now have over 5,000 members and hold meetings in several cities
around the Bay Area and soon in Southern California.  The SF or San
Francisco and UG or User Group no longer seems no longer appropriate and we
need a name and image change.  I think you would agree we are all IT
Professionals, NOT computer enthusiasts or users.  Like many other
professionals who belong to Professional Associations, (doctors, lawyers
etc.) you are a professional too, and should be a member of an association
of professionals instead of a users group.  

With meeting being held well outside of San Francisco Bay Area we selected
the name Pacific IT Professionals or Pac IT Pros.  (You can pronounce it Pac
IT Pros or packet-pros.)  I hope you agree and like the new name.  Encourage
your co-workers and colleagues to become members at http://www.sfntug.org
(OK stop laughing, the URL change is in process.)  What does this mean to
you a member?  Nothing other than name change and to consider yourself a
Professional.  We will still offer monthly meetings, workshops, TechDayz,
discounts as we have for almost 20 years.  Look for both names Pac IT Pros
and SFNTUG as we transition.


Here's the training offer I have training offer for you! - You know when I
make these offers they are worth it. this one defiantly is.

We have arranged for you our members to receive a $1300 discount off
InterzOne West Security Training for this weekend.  (Food NOT included.)
Sorry there are no discounts to attend the Gray Area, you will have to pay
to attend.

The cost for the conference is $1300.  Use PacITPros/SFNTUG $1300 discount
this conference is FREE!  (As long as you make you own arrangements for food
and hotel room.

Sorry for the short notice, we just made the arrangements, if you can I
encourage you to attend.  There is an impressive list of speakers and this
WILL be worth your time.  Here's a link to the schedule and speakers.

Here's how to register.  Visit 
In the discount field use:  pacitpro    (all lower case)
Be sure to click 'pay' at the end, to pay the zero-dollar bill, to complete
the registration. 

This event is taking place at the Marriot Hotel in Walnut Creek - 4 blocks
from Walnut Creek BART, a 5-8 minute walk.  If you drive, you should not
have any problem finding parking.

I've been told rooms at the Marriott are running under $100 a night, (I
might be wrong.)  Or if you are on a tight budget, Motel 6 (and others) are
2-10 minute walk.

I hope you can take advantage of this generous offer.

Douglas Spindler


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