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Patrick McGovern pat at splunk.com
Tue Oct 4 17:13:32 PDT 2005


My name is Patrick McGovern.   For five years I managed  
SourceForge.net.      I left VA Software / OSTG in April and joined a  
new startup in San Francisco called Splunk.

Splunk is doing some very interesting things that I think your SVLUG  
would enjoy.    The company makes a web-based AJAX-enhanced search  
engine that allows system admins and programmers to search all their  
incoming log files in real time (any type of log files Sendmail,  
cisco, mysql, syslog etc) with a google-like interface.   It's a  
powerful tool to allow people to 'see' inside their systems as they  
are running.

The software is free (although not currently Open Source) off of our  

I'd be happy to give a talk on this very interesting technology, it's  
origins and how we are able to decipher incoming log information in  
real time.  I can also chat about SF.net if there is interest.

Splunk has been receiving a lot of Press including coolest startup at  

Anyway...it's a pretty innovative solution to a problem that everyone  
has....namely how to deal with too many log files and how to  
troubleshoot those logs (oppose to manually grep-ing through them)

Let me know if you have interest.  I look forward to hearing from you.


Patrick McGovern
pat at splunk.com

splunk> Suck 10GB of log files into your brain.

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