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thank you both for your insights.

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OK here's my 2 cents on this.

I'd start with having something insanely compelling that all the SVLUG
members would love to learn about.  Concrete, real, working stuff,
hopefully with URLs people can visit BEFORE the meeting ever happens,
so they can do their homework and not be wasting their time nor the
speaker's time.

If you're trying to get silicon valley's Linux community to sit
through a 6th grade targetted product demo that probably won't
happen... and if it's not Linux related in a big way I doubt it'd make
the cut.

Then make sure the speaker's been to toastmasters (or doesn't need to
go there because they're beyond that in their natural abilities) -
comfortable speaking in front of a crowd and NOT a monotonous speaker.

Also being able to REALLY answer the VERY hard questions that'll come
from the audience is critical. Not deflect them, not disagree with
them... actually answer them.

Next step might be to collect up the relevant URLs of the subject
matter, speaker's previous presentations, info on them, etc. and email
it to svlug - I doubt any of the other volunteers would mind one more
email from you that provided that sort of information, such the people
in charge can make their decisions about who talks when and all that.

Hope this helps!

> I was wondering how one becomes a speaker at SVLUG Meetings?
> Any insights would be helpful.
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